Shrimp Marinara

Dip some crusty bread into this saucy Shrimp Marinara or serve it over pasta. Add some fresh oregano and crumbled feta cheese on top for a Mediterranean twist.  It’s easy to make on the grill or stovetop and always a crowd pleaser.  If tomato sauce gives you heartburn issues and you prefer a scampi style shrimp follow all the same steps but cut out half the butter, replace with olive oil and leave out the tomato sauce. Here’s how to make it:


– 1/2 pound jumbo shrimp peeled and deveined with tails left on.

– Two or three large cloves of garlic minced or finely chopped.

– 3 or 4 tablespoons salted butter.

– 2 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley. 

– 1/2 cup dry white wine. 

– 2 cups plain store bought tomato sauce.

– Cracked black pepper.

– Fresh basil roughly chopped.


Heat pan on the grill (or stovetop, medium high heat) then add the butter to the heated pan until it melts and becomes bubbly. Add the garlic and shrimp and cook in the butter until the shrimp turns pink. Add the white wine and heat through until the wine is reduced. Mix in the tomato sauce and season with cracked black pepper. Let the shrimp simmer in the sauce for 3-4 minutes. Top with fresh basil, remove from heat and serve. 

Makes 2-3 Servings.

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