Induction Cooking & Heston Cue


Im always trying to find new innovative cooking equipment and products to help make my life easier in the kitchen and the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System sure meets my expectations.

          Regardless if you are good in the kitchen or not it can be just fun as well as helpful.  The Heston Cue is an induction burner and pan equipped with Bluetooth technology and is controlled directly off an app right from my smartphone or tablet. I was able to make this restaurant quality Zaatar roasted carrots and kale salad with toasted cashews and cumin spiced yogurt easy and quickly with the step by step instructions.

IMG_8081 (3)

My husband Jordan is a restaurant equipment salesman and knows a lot about this stuff and even he is impressed. I will be using the Cue often for sure and I look forward to trying out the many delicious recipes the app has to offer.


I’ve tried a few recipes so far and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

IMG_9888 (2)

Induction cooking coils emit magnetic energy creating a current in the food pan base. The electrical resistance in the metal them heats up the pan. The induction service does not emit heat so it’s a cleaner more efficient way of cooking and it’s 35% more efficient than gas and 45% more efficient than electric stoves.


I’ve cooked many types of fish with the Hestan Cue like salmon and shrimp to name a few but these Spanish style shrimp was my favorite so far.

For more info on the Heston Cue check it out here with the links below or can be found at Williams Sonoma or Amazon.


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